Gold (Gaining Opportunity through Leadership Development) Mentoring Program


Xi Phi Chapter relaunched the GOLD Mentoring Program at Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem, New York.

GOLD provides mentoring to 16 middle school-aged scholars who participate in a series of community-based projects such as the cleaning of the Colonel Charles Young Park. The program also provides them with self-esteem, business etiquette, community law literacy, and college planning workshops.

Xi Phi members build relationships with the scholars by sharing personal and professional experiences that lead them to successful careers and leaders in their respective communities. With solid relationships in place, Xi Phi members assumer the roles of trusted advisors and counselors for the scholars to strengthen their self-esteem and confidence while simultaneously grooming them into natural leaders. At the end of the workshops, students participate in a peer review before enjoying a meal from a local Harlem restaurant. All sessions end with a recitation of Invictus by William Ernest Henley. Additionally, each GOLD student is guaranteed a seat on the annual Omega Black College Tour. To learn more about GOLD, contact

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